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Sen. Jason Knight (D-67)
Contact Information
Phone #:
(617) 943-6532
1 Newbrook Drive, Barrington, RI 02806


Democrat Jason Knight, the Representative-elect for State District 67, lives in Barrington and practices law, focusing on special education law and criminal defense. Knight has previously worked for the Rhode Island Department of the Attorney General as a state prosecutor and is also an 8-year veteran of the US Navy, serving as a nuclear power operator between 1988-1996. Because of Knight’s history as a criminal defender, he came under fire during the election for representing criminals including sex offenders and some charged with child pornography possession, which he responded to by invoking the constitutional right to legal representation.

While running, Knight railed against corruption in state government and supported increasing the power of the Rhode Island Ethics Commission. He also campaigned as a self-titled “Real Democrat,” supporting a bevy of progressive issues that he claims not all Democrats in the state legislature support. These include the right to healthcare, collective bargaining, protecting women’s reproductive independence, slowing climate change, and reforming criminal justice. However, Knight also believes in traditionally conservative issues like reforming the tax code and passing more business-friendly legislation. Knight was endorsed in his campaign by a litany of progressive groups, including the Rhode Island chapters of Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club, AFL-CIO, and the Working Families Party.