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Sen. Ana Quezada (D-2)
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Democrat Ana Quezada immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic when she was 17 years old, moving to Rhode Island in 1990. Quezada earned her equivalence diploma at Dorca’s Place and went on to study social work at the Community College of Rhode Island. Over eight years, Quezada gained experience working for the Department of Children, Youth, and Families as well as the John Hope Settlement House. In 2016, she launched her campaign for the District 2 Senate seat.

In the September primaries, Quezada’s far left-leaning progressivism paved the way for her victory over 14-year incumbent Senator Juan Pichardo of Providence. Quezada ran a campaign that aimed to bring more community voices onto the senate floor. Early in the campaign season, Quezada asked her supporters to help her draft a “Plan of Change” to address issues such as excessive absenteeism in schools and cutting toll expenses. “I believe I can make a difference. I know in a small way for many families….I am in touch with the community much more than our current Senator,” she says on her campaign website.

But despite Quezada’s progressive positions, she took a firm stance in support of Rhode Island’s voter ID law. Quezada considers the ID requirements to be benign since such requirements are often present in our daily commercial transactions. Voicing this position and promising to advocate for taxpayers in the face of state budget increases, Quezada secured the District 2 Senate seat in an uncontested general election race in November 2016.